Best Pocket Knife Under 100

If you are looking for the best pocket knife under 100 then you have come to the right place because in this article you will be provided with a list of the most widely used and strongly built pocket knife that will get your job done in the best way possible. Although commercial folding knives have existed for quite a while more people are interested in purchasing pocket knives since they are convenient and easier to use.

These pocket knives are virtually available all across the globe and are also very affordable so that everyone can purchase them without any difficulty. Whether you want a strong cutting tool or a stylish folded pocket knife you can get it all once you read this article.

Important factors to look for while buying a pocket knife

Before you spend money on a pocket knife it is very important to make sure that you are familiar with the following factors that will greatly help you choose the best product for your requirement:


The first thing that you should look for while buying a pocket knife is the size. If you buy a large side pocket knife it will be very hard to carry it around in your pocket because it won’t fit easily and it will cause great discomfort.

On the other hand, if the pocket knife is too tiny it will be very hard to use it for cutting purposes because you won’t be able to hold it easily. Therefore whenever you are buying a pocket knife you must make sure that it’s compatible with the size of your hand.


There are many stylish options available to choose from when it comes to buying a pocket knife. Therefore you must consider the design of the knife that you want to buy because a high-quality pocket knife comes in the best design that ensures professional quality performance.

Locking system

The pocket knife you are getting should come with the best locking system so that the blade remains in its place securely. There are different types of locks that are available with different models of pocket knives. If you buy a pocket knife that comes with a poor quality lock system then the knife will open on its own inside the pocket which can cause damage to you.

Handle of knife

This is a very important factor to consider when you are purchasing a pocket knife because if it doesn’t provide a firm grip it will be very difficult for you to do even the basic function that includes cutting. If the handle is slimy then it won’t provide any comfort to you while you are doing your work. Therefore you must always choose a more ergonomic and strong handle when buying a pocket knife.


When you’re purchasing a pocket knife you must consider the construction. It is always the best decision to choose a pocket knife that comes with stainless steel construction because it is more reliable and resistant to wears. It also leads to minimal corrosion which is what makes it a very durable choice for the user.

best pocket knife under 100

Best Pocket Knife Under 100

Following is a list of the best pocket knife under 100:

1. Kershaw Bareknuckle Pocket Knife

kershaw bareknuckle pocket knife

One of the most top quality and widely sold pocket knives is the Kershaw Bareknuckle Pocket knife. Not only that it is extremely functional but also looks very attractive. This pocket knife fits perfectly in the pocket and comes in a stylish steel handle.

The blade is .12 inches thick which makes it the most ideal size in terms of pocket knives. In terms of its dimensions, this pocket knife is 3.5 inches long and 8.2 inches wide in diameter. These measurements make this pocket knife one of the best choices that are currently available.

So if you are looking for a knife that is very comfortable to use and carry around then you should purchase this pocket knife. The design is also very attractive and unique compared to other pocket knives because it consists of an aluminum handle slab. Most people question why are metal handles are not preferred well that’s because the aluminum handle is slim and easy to grip on.

The next big concern of most of the users is to know if the knife is easy to flip or not or if it is smooth in its performance or not well the answer to that question is simply yes it is very easy and smooth in its performance.

The bridge shows fast movement once you press on the flipper tab. It’s because of its comfortable grip you can easily hold this pocket knife for a very long time without any difficulty even if your palms get sweaty which is why most people prefer buying it.

Another important reason why you should purchase this pocket knife is that it is very easy to disassemble compared to other knives. It can be folded back to its original position without any difficulty. This is because of the captive pivot which is very easy to turn.


  • With the help of this pocket knife, you will be able to enjoy a smooth and firm grip because of the aluminum handle slab.
  • Because of the captive spirit, this pocket knife is very easy to disassemble.
  • The KVT bearings provide a smooth opening of the blade.


  • The detent ball needs to be fixed in a better position for better results.

2. Kershaw Cryo G-10 Pocket Knife

kershaw cryo g 10 pocket knife

When it comes to looking for a knife that provides fast speed performance and it is very precise in terms of its cuts then you should choose the Kershaw Crvo G-10 Pocket Knife. This knife opens with light when you press on the area of your thumb. The light also makes it easier to cut with great precision. This knife is well known for its fast action and precise performance which is rare to find in most pocket knives. Another attractive feature is that it is very easy to handle because it provides a very firm grip.

This won’t let the knife slip out of your hand even if you are using it continuously for cutting. When it comes to the design it is built in a way to withstand strong pressure so you don’t have to worry about putting extra force on the knife when you are cutting hard objects. While cutting the knife won’t slip out of your hand which is what makes it a very excellent choice.

To make the performance more excellent and outstanding this pocket knife comes with speed safe assist mechanism ensuring wonderful performance. This is what makes it the most comfortable knife to use. Because of the dual thumb studs, it becomes very easy to open and close the blade without any issue. The lock of this device is also very tight and firm. Once you lock the knife it doesn’t move from its place or folds.


  • With the help of the dual thumb stud, it becomes a lot easier to open and close the knife.
  • The lock of the knife is very tight and provides great safety to the device as well as the person using this knife.
  • The blade provides maximum strength because of the stonewash finish.


  • It is dangerous to use as the person can harm themselves if they are not careful about the thumbscrews because they are slightly loose.

3. Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife

kershaw blur s30v folding pocket knife

The Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife is known for providing perfecting handling that doesn’t let the knife slip out of the hand. It was the fastest open and close feature. As far as the design is concerned it comes with an aluminum frame that looks very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Because of the swift 3.4 inch blade of the knife cutting experiences are very smooth and swift.

Because of the paper screw, the position of the knife can easily be adjusted according to your requirement. Whenever you feel like the blade is too tired you can easily loosen the screw and adjust the flexibility accordingly. Most people however prefer the blade to be too tight because it leads to better performance and a smooth cutting experience.

Another important feature of this knife is that it comes with the best handle for a perfect grip. This makes sure that the knife never opens when you place it in the pocket because if it does then you can harm yourself and that’s the last thing you want.

Because of its safety features, you can carefully place a knife in your pocket without worrying about any harm to yourself. You will remain perfectly safe which is the reason why most people greatly enjoyed using this pocket knife.

This is one of the safest products to use that provides the best grip and excellent performance. Therefore it is highly recommended to purchase this professional quality pocket knife.


  • What makes it more comfortable to carry around this pocket knife all day long is the pocket clips that are introduced in this pocket knife.
  • For smooth and easy opening of the blades, it provides ambidextrous thumb studs to the user.
  • You can easily tighten and loosen the blade of the knife according to your preference and adjust the flexibility through the adjustable pivot screw.


  • This Pocket knife does not provide the sharpest blade compared to other knives.

4. Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 EDC Folding Knife

benchmade mini griptilian 556 edc folding knife

If you are in search of the most professional and widely used folding pocket knife in your choice should be the Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 EDC Folding Knife. Not only that it provides excellent performance but also it is very attractive to look at because of its beautiful design.

It is very lightweight so it doesn’t occupy much space in the pocket and it is very easy to carry around all day long since it was only 2.5 ounces. It is highly compact and has a total length of 7 inches. The blade of the knife is 3 inches long.

It becomes a lot easier to do dressing as well as cutting with his pocket knife because of its drop point design. It provides two different types of finishes which are the black coated finish and the satin finish. Most people however prefer the black coated finish. This pocket knife also comes in attractive packaging that is easy to open.

This pocket knife is also very fordable and easily available in almost every part of the world which is why you will see most people use this high-quality pocket knife for various purposes.

It comes in a solid ergonomic build consisting of highly durable fiberglass nylon material that makes it easy to handle the knife. The back design is also perfect because of the stainless steel liners.

The grip provided by this knife is perfect. It provides a firm and secure grip so that the knife doesn’t slip out of your hand or get folded on its own. It provides very durable performance and the pocket clips make it easy to carry around the knife.

  • The handle consists of a thumb ramp which provides a very firm grip.
  • It provides the most stylish pocket clip which also gives the best support to carry around this knife.
  • Because of the drop point design, it comes very easy to use this pocket knife.


  • The screw on the pocket should be tighter because sometimes it gets hard to use the pocket knife for cutting because of the loose screws.

Final words

By reading this article not only that you will get the most valuable information but it will save you time and help you purchase the best pocket knife to fulfill your requirements. All the pocket knives mentioned in this article are very durable and professional in their performance. Therefore you must read this article before purchasing a pocket knife because you will end up buying the best products for yourself.

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