Best Knife For Slicing Meat

If you are someone who likes to make their meals then using a high-quality knife for slicing meat is a very crucial factor for you. The quality of the knife used directly affects the accuracy of slicing meat and precision so that you can easily cut meat like chicken, beef, turkey, etc.

When it comes to cutting meat most people prefer using a butcher knife because it is widely used by professional chefs and home chefs as well. This is because it is specifically designed for cutting large pieces of meat like beef with great decision. There are many factors that one should look for while using a knife for slicing meat. For example, you should always look for the length of the blade because if the knife comes with a long blade it will lead to effective cutting small slices of meat.

The right selection of a knife will have a great effect on the quality of cut pieces of meat. This also affects your food presentation especially when there are guests in your house. Therefore if you are someone who loves to cook food then reading this article is crucial for you because it will provide you valuable information so that you can easily choose the best knife for slicing meat.

Buying guide for best knife for slicing meat

Meat is an important component of food eaten by almost every other individual. Therefore it is crucial to know the best tools for slicing meat. The following factors will make it easy for you to choose the best knife for slicing meat.


One of the most important factors that determine the accuracy of cutting meat is the size of the knife. Most people prefer using medium sized knives because they are easy to handle and can easily cut meat when applied pressure. This knife also does not slip out of your hand when you have to apply extra pressure for cutting hard meat like beef which is why you should always use a knife that is not too small in size.


The knife you get should provide you a very comfortable grip so that you can easily slice meat. You should look for a knife that provides a stainless steel handle which leads to the best grip and comfort when you have to work in the kitchen for hours.

This is also one of the reasons why most professional chefs use a knife that comes with a stainless steel handle. Other guy choices are wood handle, rubber handle and plastic handle nice. These handles lead to a low risk of slipping the knife from your hand especially when you are cutting meat continuously.

Length of the blade

This is a very important factor to look for while buying a knife for slicing meat. The length of the blade should belong so that you can easily cut through large pieces of meat. Long blades also lead to great accuracy and precision while cutting meat making the job very easy for the user. So whether you are a professional chef or a home cook you would benefit a lot from getting a knife that comes with a long blade.


It is recommended to buy a knife that is well balanced and easy to handle because you will be able to cut meat with great position and comfort. You should always go for a knife that is heavier because you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure to cut through the meet as compared to using a lightweight knife that requires extra power.

Best Knife For Slicing Meat

Top 5 Best Knives For Slicing Meat

Following is a list of the most professional and top quality knives for slicing meat:

1. DALSTRONG slicing knife

DALSTRONG knife for slicing meat

One of the most widely used knives for slicing meat all across the food community is DALSTRONG slicing knife. The Spanish style knife is well known for slicing meat with great decision and provide a smooth performance. It is made up of Japanese supper steal with 62+ hardness.

This knife is resistant to rusting because it consists of corrosion resistant material making it an ideal choice for long-term use. The blade is very long since it is 12 inches and ultra slim both factors are ideal for insurance smooth cutting performance for slicing meat easily and much quickly.

Another benefit of using this knife is that it provides excellent finishing because it is ideal for slicing thin pieces of meat without ruining their edges. This leads to great food presentation which is why you will also see most professional chefs use this knife. It consists of hollow points that avoid the meat to stick with the blade especially when it’s a thin slice.

Handle provides a very secure and firm grip making it easy to get the job done without the knife slipping out of the hand. It is a heavy duty knife that is also very balanced providing great comfort to the user. If you are on a limited budget then you should purchase this knife as it is very affordable and easily available.


  • It is a very lightweight and easy to use knife providing excellent results for cutting meat will great precision
  • The user will get excellent quality performance at a very budget friendly price which is why most people are easily able to purchase this knife
  • The blade is 12 inches long and super sharp for insurance mood performance for cutting meat


  • The packaging is low quality and sometimes gets hard to take the knife out of the poor quality box

 2. SHUN Classic Slicing Knife

SHUN knife for slicing meat

If you are looking for a lightweight knife that also provides a firm grip then you should choose the SHUN classic slicing knife. They provide the shift great lead into excellent performance for cutting slicing meat and other food products.

This knife is very known for its professional performance for cutting thin slices of meat which can be very hard if you are using around knife that doesn’t provide a suitable blade for thin meat.

The best thing about getting this knife is that is it is very easy to sharpen and the blade also doesn’t require the user to sharpen it every single day. Because of the small size, it is very easy to handle and it doesn’t slip out of the hand because of the control it provides. Small size knives also provide a better grip leading to fast performance as you also do not have to apply a lot of power to go to the meat.

It provides great value for money spent. However, most people have complained about the fragile tip of the knife. Overall it is a great choice for decent cutting performance when you have to cut meat and vegetables on a daily and do not want to sharpen the knife every single day.


  • The SHUN classic knife provides a very fast performance making it easy for you to get your work done in less time
  • It is also very affordable and provides great value for money in terms of its professional performance
  • The blade can easily resist stains which is why it is the ideal long-term investment


  • Most of the users do not like the small fragile tip of the knife

3. YOUSUNGLONG Carving Knife

YOUSUNGLONG knife for slicing meat

Another very comfortable to use and professional knife for slicing meat is the YOUSUNGLONG Carving Knife. It provides a 12 inches long blade leading to excellent performance because of its high level of precision. Because of the Ebony black handle, the knife is very easy to handle because it increases its balance. This helps provide a firm grip and prevents the knife from slipping out of the hand.

It is very durable because of its non-stick material that also doesn’t cause any food stains. One of the best features of this knife is that it is very ideal in terms of slicing meat in equal proportions and length. Whether you have to slice thin meat or raw meat you can do it all very easily with great excellence.

Since it is a long knife it provides better performance because it is more effective in its performance. The reason being is you don’t have to apply a lot of power and strength to the knife to cut to the meat because of the long size it is already well balanced. It consists of a multi layered steel blade that protects it from all types of environment.

As far as the design is concerned it is also very stunning to look at. The blade is perfect as well and it is very easy to wash and sharpen. However, the only major drawback of getting this knife is that it is very expensive, and not many people can afford it which is why you will see very few professional chefs use this knife. Therefore if money is not an issue then you should prefer buying this top quality knife for slicing meat.


  • It is very durable and provides a comfortable grip to the user
  • It goes through very smoothly through the meet and provides excellent results for cutting raw meat
  • It is very easy to store and the multilayered steel blade protect it from all type of environmental damage


  • It is a very expensive knife and many people are not able to afford it

4. SHUN Cutlery premier meat

SHUN Cutlery knife for slicing meat

The ShUN Cutlery Knife is a great pick when it comes to cutting through thin slices of meat. It is highly durable leading to a professional performance which is why this knife is widely used by food lovers whether they are a home chef or professional both. The design is super attractive and unique which makes this knife stand out and attracts most people towards purchasing it.

The blade is super long which is 9.5 inches and the total length of the knife is 14.5 inches. It is built in a way that provides great precision while cutting because of its sharp edge. Whether you want to cut vegetables or meat you can do it all very easily with this professional knife which also gets the work done pretty fast.

The best thing about it is its perfect grip even if the handle is wet this knife won’t slip out of your hand. The main factor leading to the great position of this knife is the pakkawood handle that provides greater comfort when you are using the knife and keeps you safe as well.


  • It is very comfortable and secure to use because it is well balanced and easy to control
  • The handle is perfect that doesn’t cause the knife to slip out of the hand even if it’s wet


  • If you do not keep the knife dry after washing it can easily get rusted

5. MIYABI Fusion Morimoto Wide Chef’s Knife

MIYABI knife for slicing meat

When it comes to having a knife that comes with a sharp blade and provides a durable performance your choice should be the MIYABI Fusion Morimoto Wide Chef’s Knife. It comes with sharp edges that can easily cut raw meat with great excellence. This is because it is a super thin knife with a very sharp blade to cut through ultra thin slices of meat.

It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a multipurpose knife providing a comfortable performance and a firm grip so that the knife doesn’t slip out of the hand. Because of the sharp blade, you can easily slice meet with great accuracy. The material of the knife is also resistant to dust, heat, and moisture


  • The knife is very easy to handle and provides the best grip that doesn’t cause it to slip
  • It is made up of stainless steel material which is resistant to dust and rust


  • Compared to other knives its blade is small

Final words

Choosing a perfect knife for slicing can be a very tricky task but if you go through this article you will get enough information so that you can purchase the most suitable knife to fulfill your requirements.

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